Design based on experience

Fast, elegant and safe to ensure you expe- rience a fully pleasant sailing time.

Optimizing the cockpit space, DS 24 has been designed to enjoy a trip in comfort. Its easy-handling features allow any sailor to navigate it, regardless of the level of experience that he or she has.

Draft preserves its boatyard-spirit and can be lifted from 1.35 m to 35 cm. Fully trailer- able sailboat on account of its lifting appendages, its mast on a folding deck and its low displacement.

DS 24 is now available in a racing boat version, specially designed for those who enjoy fast cruising and quick sailing reaction.

Sail Area/Displacement ratio has increased as a result of a larger sail surface and a lower displacement. In this last case, weight has been reduced by using biaxial and unidirectional fabrics in hull, deck and interior, as well as by replacing solid panels with the sandwich system. The SA/D ratio improvement signified the obtention of a fast and powerful performance sailboat, no matter the wind level you experience.

Rudder in epoxy resin and E-glass fibers are included in the appendages. Optional keel with lead bulb (maintaining the lifting keel format).

The outstanding features described above confirm that DS 24 exceed the sailors’ expectations within the 24-feet segment.

Technical characteristics

7.25 M.

2.65 M.

1100 kg

1.35 m / 0.35 m.

500 KG.

29 M2.

Pablo Mastracchio.

DS 24 is prepared to use either a self-tacking genoa or a conventional rigging system. Self-tacking genoa is perfect to navigate on your own. As our customers are aware, the conception of this sailing boat is to create a wonderful place to spend time afloat, no matter the weather condition or the crew with whom you choose to travel.
Spacious and stylish interiors, the perfect combination to rest, spend the night or shelter during bad weather. This craft counts with an innovative engine drawer in its cockpit, which operates outboard between 3 and 6 hp (safe  at any heel!). As a result, you get a stowage space without exposure to the weather, not at sight, clean and easy to operate.


7.25 m length sailboat, with modern interior and exterior lines. Designed as a trailerable daysailer that satisfies the needs of those who navigate with no elevation means. Its Lifting keel of 1.35 m of draft in the lower position and 0,35 m in the higher position contributes with an easy manipulation and mobility of the sailboat.

Comfort, easy cruising and stability are some of the characteristics that make DS 24 a remarkable sailing boat.

-Pulpit and balcony made in 316 stainless steel with lifelines.

-Four cleats
-Vang with rig 4:1-Mainsail sheet with 4:1 reduction
-Two No 7 self tailing winches
-Genoa fixed point tack
-Two shroud chainplates and a 316 stainless steel bow chainplate bolted to the hull.-Hatch locker over port side Navigation Lights- Tricolor Ergonomic backrest in sunbrella fabric

-Fractionated Rig, two spreaders 20° behind.

-Folding aluminum mast, over deck.

-Standing rigging in a 316 stainless steel cable (1×19)

-Running rigging in Dacron.

-Lifting keel with iron blade and bulb, manual lifting system

-Lifting Rudder, 316 stainless steel tiller.

-GFRP molded, includes stowage areas with cover.

-Interior light with switch included
-12 volts electric panel.

-Hull decorative lines

-Engine drawer in cockpit, selfdraining with cover.

Hull: In white isophthalic premium gelcoat. Laminated of GFRP and reinforced with a structural grid laminated to the hull.

Deck:In white isophthalic premium gelcoat. Laminated of GFRP with HON- EYCOMB CORE.

Interior:Fully molded in GFRP laminated to the hull.

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