Design based on experience

8.45 m length sailboat, with modern exterior lines and wide and sophisticated interiors, M28.5 has re-defined what can be expected from a 28-feet sailing boat, being able to navigate in waters where no other of this kind could.

This fixed-keel version of this sailboat is available for those who do not need a lifting keel system.

This new type provides simplicity and good price, maintaining all the rest of navigation features and the high quality that remarks our boats, for sure.

The mentioned fixed-keel development is offered in two drafts: 1.45 and 1.60 meters. Both come with iron bulb.

M28.5 FX not only guarantees a more competitive price in the 26 to 30-feet sailing boats’ segment, but it also improves the interior comfort, as it contains a more compact table furniture.

We also offer the possibility of granting a closed aft cabin with a new cockpit locker (in both, the fixed and the lifting keel version). This alternative suit a customer segment who prefer to experience more privacy on board.

Technical information

8.45 M.

8.00 M.

2.99 M.

2500 kg

1.70 m / 0.90 m variable.

950 KG.

37 M2.

50  kgm.

125 grados.

675 (2013)

Pablo Mastracchio.

The deck is elegant, beautiful, comfortable and safe. A large cockpit with ample seating and generous movement spaces. Wide deck side and low height  cabin guarantee free movements.  The hardware is centralized on cabin top, with two winchesorganizers and stopers, we can sail in all conditions. Simplicity also in the deck hardware, we avoid complexity without neglecting performance.
Spaciousness and quality details were the target of the design. The WC located in the bow, produces great amplitude in the central area . Very good interior height and large dinette to get an interior for family cruises or day trips. The materials used give it simplicity and easy maintenance.


Laminated with high quality low shrink isophthalic Polyester resins with glass fibers, composites, LT600 and LT800 Cymax. M28.5 comes with PVC foams of closed cell in the deck, unidirectionals in the rudder and US isophthalic Neste gelcoat (very high resistance and UV filter). All the fittings are made of 316 polished stainless steel and the keel is cast iron gray.

-Pulpit, stanchion and balcony made in 316-stainless steel with a 4 mm stainless steel lifeline at 450 mm height over deck.

-Six 316 stainless steel cleats
-Main sheet with 5:1 reduction, with anodized aluminum base.
-Two windlasses No 30.
-One handle for windlasses.
-Six deviations in the deck chock
-Two stoppers’ deviations of four wheels each.
-Two triple-stoppers’ lines
-Two genoa sheet deviations towards windlass with break
-Two shroud chainplates and a 316 stainless steel bow chainplate bolted to the hull.
-Two abaft chainplates in 316 stainless steel bolted to the mirror.
-Strut abaft with 8:1 rig.
-Hatch locker over port-bed plate Locker fully molded in GFRP

-Acrylic deck scuttle to the saloon.
-Two fixed windows in the saloon.
-Two windows apt to open in the saloon A companionway in the bathroom Navigation lights
-Tricolor butt
-Ventilation companionway in bow cabin

-Butt Rig. Bohn/Cruz del Sur (Harken is optional)
-Two spreaders 20° behind
-Painted aluminum mast.

-Firm rigging in a 316 stainless steel cable (7×19)
-Four pre-stretched polyester halyards

-Lifting keel with iron blade and bulb, hydraulic lifting system.

-Fixed keel of 1.45 or 1.60 meters with bulb (FX optional)

-GFRP rudder with 316 stainless steel tiller.

-Seats made of polyurethane foam of 24 kg/m3 density.
-Interior light in the saloon bathroom and cabins with switch included.

-Space for instruments.
-12 volts electric panel with fuses. Partitioned bathroom with sink molded in GFRP, pressurized water system and manual toilet.
-Two burner kitchen for bottled gas. Double bed on bow with mattress made of polyurethane foam of 24 kg/m3.

-Stern Hutch with mattresses made of polyurethane foam of 24 kg/m3. Stowage space under the beds.
-A 75 amps/h battery.
-Battery cut tap.
-Eco-leather interior lining.
-Closet to hang on bow.
-30 liters fridge.

-Owners’ Guide
-An 80 liters water tank
-Hull decorative lines in matrix gelcoat

Deck: In white isophthalic gelcoat (from USA). Laminated of GFRP with closed-cell high density foam (Divinycell). Void-assisted laminate.

Hull: In white isophthalic gelcoat (from USA). Laminated of GFRP and reinforced with a structural grid laminated to the hull.

Interior: Fully molded in GFRP laminat- ed to the hull.

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